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Can A Jet Plane Take Off On A Conveyor Belt

Can and aircraft takeoff from a moving conveyor belt ...

I see where your going with this but the plane would stil have to have the throttles up at take off speed,, say a giant belt rotated on a runway and was turn at 150 mph,, the aircraft would have to be at lift of speed just perfect or it would fall back down.... Very good question to askkkkkk now can one land on a belt

Airplane on Conveyor Belt Myth | Mythbusters Wiki |

2012-10-23The Myth - A plane cannot take off while sitting on a conveyor belt moving in the opposite direction. Verdict - Busted Notes - The MythBusters first performed a small scale test with a model airplane and a small conveyor belt and were not able to get the model plane to take off from the belt, it merely fell off the front of the conveyor belt. They then tested a model remote-controlled plane on ...

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Conveyor belt representation - redblobgames. Jan 29, 2018 29 Jan 2018 I wanted to explore how to represent conveyor belts on a gr In Factorio 1, each grid tile with a conveyor belt has a directionAdjacent tiles combine together to determine what type of conveyor belt is on the tile. Get Price Belt conveyor

Imagine a plane is sitting on a conveyor belt, can it

2009-9-21It would have sat on that treadmill, struggling to take off until the batteries ran down. Yet, it easily could have had enough juice to allow it to take off on a normal runway well never really know the answer to that. Since I see that a plane can indeed be made to hold still on a conveyor belt, the thrust behind it isnt what makes it take off.

Hangar Talk - The old plane on a conveyor belt debate

There is no way this plane can take off. If the conveyor matches the wheels there is no forward motion. As such there is no airflow so it will not generate any lift. Therefore it stays put. Lift is a function of airflow over the wings and has NOTHING to do with the speed of the wheels .

Myth BustersCan a plane take off on a conveyor belt ...

If a plane is traveling at takeoff speed on a conveyor belt, and the belt is matching that speed in the opposite direction, can the plane take off Extensive small-scale testing with a super treadmill and a nearly uncontrollable model airplane dont completely resolve the myth, so our flight cadets supersize the myth with help from a willing ...

MythBusters Episode 97 Airplane on a Conveyor Belt

2020-6-24First some small-scale tests were performed with a model airplane on a treadmill and the plane was able to take off. For the large-scale test, the MythBusters used a 400 pound ultralight aircraft with a 2000 foot tarp under it. The tarp was pulled backwards to simulate a moving runway. The ultralight pilot had no trouble taking off.

Case Plane and Conveyor Belt | Flight Sim QA Forum

2007-10-7In contrast, a planes wheels arent motorized their purpose is to reduce friction during takeoff and add it, by braking, when landing. What gets a plane moving are its propellers or jet turbines, which shove the air backward and thereby impel the plane forward. What the wheels, conveyor belt, etc, are up to is largely irrelevant.

If A Plane Took Off A Conveyor Belt... - Airliners.net

2005-11-30If it was a free rotating conveyor belt, then yes, we could argue that eventhough it would make it difficult for the plane to move forward, and would slow it down, ultimatly, based on the friction forces of the belt vs the grip of the jet engines on the air flow, the plane will slowly move and then build up speed, and maybe possibly take off ...

Will Plane Take Off On Conveyor Belt - kvlv-liezele.be

What if a conveyor belt landed on a plane Could the plane take off If You Landed On A Conveyor Belt 10936797. BY aogdesk 726 pm. Get Price So can a plane take off while on a conveyer belt Meez Well if the initial velocity and momentum of the airplane is greater than that of which the conveyer belt, then YES the plane would take ...

Can The Plane Take Off - General - FCP Poker Forum

2007-3-8The plane fires up its engines, but as it moves forward, the conveyor belt senses the speed of the planes wheels and moves at exactly the same speed in the opposite direction. Can the plane take offIm after good solid logic and math rather than just a yes or no on this one.

A plane on conveyer belt will it take off - The Lounge ...

2007-2-11A plane is on a conveyer belt which is turning in the opposite direction to way the plane is pointing. The belt can turn at any speed and we have indestructible tyres and bearings on the plane, could the conveyer belt stop the plane from taking off I read this on another forum first and have bee...

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yo-yo the plane and its wheels. yo-yo string conveyor belt. gravity acting on yo-yo jet engine thrust. Hand pulling string power applied to conveyor belt. Yeah, yeah, as above the yo-yo is only wheel and no plane but makes no odds So here is a question similar to the jet conveyor problem Wind the string around the yo-yo and hold the ...

plane on a conveyor belt | Yahoo Answers

2007-10-27The power of the plane comes from the jet engines or the propellors, not the wheels. The conveyor belt, no matter how fast it is going, will have no effect on the motion of the plane. The plane will move forward because it is pushing air, not because the wheels are making it move. Therefore yes, the plane can and will take off.

Can the plane take off | Yahoo Answers

2007-2-11Imagine a plane is sitting on a massive conveyor belt, as wide and as long as a runway. The conveyor belt is designed to exactly match the speed of the wheels, moving in the opposite direction. Can the plane take off

Heres The Actual Science Behind That Plane Takeoff

A meme about whether an airplane can take off on a treadmill has been going around social media lately, tearing friendships apart with its divisiveness, ruining families and sending the world ...

can and aircraft takeoff from a moving conveyor belt ...

2008-1-30hey now theres a new concept. No need to walk down past all those gates and crowded jet ways. We board the aircraft in the baggage area and then conveyor it right into flight. Man, whoever brings that up to airport operations at OHare will be rich beyond his wildest dreams. Or arrested. Jeez.

Leaving on a jet plane or, how smart are you again ...

2007-10-24Imagine a plane is sitting on a massive conveyor belt, as wide and as long as a runway. The conveyer belt is designed to exactly match the speed of the wheels, but moving in the opposite direction. Can the plane take off JB

Will the plane take off | Page 11 | Recreational Flying

2020-4-5It is asking you toHYPOTHETICALLY accept that the CONVEYOR BELT is perfect and can maintain the exact speed of the planes momentum even under changes to forward or backward movement.Then, the plane will NOT take off Take the analogy of the wheel brakes being on and irregardless of whether the propeller is at full speed, full pitch or just ...

ddhr.org | Plane on a conveyor belt

The conveyor belt is, as someone else said, a red herring. Groundspeed, whether real or apparent, is always irrelevant when it comes to figuring out whether a plane can take off. It is relevant when the plane practically wants to take off or land, because you have to start

Plane on conveyor belt - Page 7 - The Lounge -

2009-8-9And there IS no argument, the planes engines thrust it forward, the conveyor belt makes the planes wheels turn faster than normal, and the plane thunders down the runway and takes off. mackie1 ...

Can this plane take off | Physics Forums

2017-8-14Imagine a 747 sitting on a large conveyor belt, as long and as wide as the runway. The conveyor best is designed to exactly match the speed of the wheels, but run in the opposite direction. CAN THE PLANE TAKE OFF

MythBusters tackles plane on a conveyor belt

To get to the bottom of the thought-problem, Adam and Jamie used a real plane, in this case a 400-lb ultralight, and a large conveyor belt. Did the plane take off

Conveyor Belt Airplane - Page 37 - PPRuNe Forums

2008-2-11Yep I realise this. But you can pretty much say that whatever the aircraft does, it certainly doesnt take off. That would also be breaking the conditions of the question. Tbh, I much prefered the question before the wheelspeed thing was added. At least we could all agree then.

An airplane taxies on a moving conveyor belt going

2007-6-11An airplane taxies on a moving conveyor belt going the opposite direction. Can the plane take off The conveyer belt is designed to exactly match the speed of the wheels at any given time, moving in the opposite direction of rotation. Respuesta Guardar.