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Can A Plane Taking Off On A Conveyor Belt Mythbusters

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2020-6-3Mythbusters finally aired their Plane on a Conveyor Belt a.k.a. Plane on a Treadmill episode. Here is the result -- its not a spoiler, because anyone who truly understands the basic physics involved, will not be surprised to hear that the goddamn plane takes off. However, Ive since come to the conclusion that Plane on a Treadmill looks like a physics question, but its actually a ...

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2017-8-16That whole video is bogus. Does not even come close to the physics of the real question. Or the question is bogus, since everyone interprets it differently.

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2008-5-4A Conveyor belt somehow moves fast eounght to keep plane staionary relative to air. In this case the plane doesnt take off. However, there is no plausable way of

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2019-1-25There are a lot more assumptions to be made, type of plane, size of the conveyor belt. But as a spoiler, allowing for infinite thrust and structural rigidity, all the various scenarios I can think of will allow the plane to take off. I should also address the elephant in the room that MythBusters episode.

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2017-8-18PLANE CANNOT TAKE OFF Taking off means leaving the ground and moving up into the air. Taking off LIFTing off the ground. Lift is created by air rushing over the wings to create lift. If the conveyor belt is running the in the opposite direction at a speed equal to white wheels, the plane will not move forwards or backwards.

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2020-4-7The premise is the aircraft is in a stationary position Hence no airflow over the wing on a moving conveyor belt. If you power up the aircraft it will then accelerate to take off speed thereby getting airflow over the wing, the aircraft is no longer stationary relative to its resting position and has a normal take off

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2020-5-10The actual question the poster wanted to ask, and the one asked and answered by Mythbusters is this an airplane is on a conveyor belt runway that can run backwards. The forward speed of the airplane is monitored and the conveyor belt is run backwards at that forward speed as the airplane tries to take off.

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2017-2-7Plane on a Conveyor Belt ... there was a huge thread about this topic well prior to mythbusters taking it on, on the website airwarriors.com primarily a naval aviation site and about half the people in the thread thought the plane wouldnt fly. ... In the show it clearly moves along the conveyor belt allowing air to flow over the wings so of ...

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Because MythBusters was supposed to show the plane on a conveyor belt show last night, I stumbled onto the original question at Jason Kottkes blog. The question is as follows A plane is standing on a runway that can move some sort of band conveyer. The plane moves in one direction, while the conveyer moves in the opposite direction.

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2007-12-14Tonight at 900 PMMythBusters Air Plane Hour TV-PG Jamie and Adam take wing to test if a person with no flight training can safely land an airplane and if a plane can take off from a conveyor belt ...

Can an airplane on a conveyor belt take off - Answers

Yes, it can take off. Once the planes engines are providing thrust against the air it will move forward, and all the belt can do is make the freewheeling wheels spin faster. As a thought ...

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2011-5-29Nah, planes take off because of the speed of the air over the wing surfaces. It can only achieve this by moving through the air. Putting a conveyor belt under an aircraft, wont make it move through the air any faster. So this is a myth that a plane could take off from a moving conveyor belt. It would still have to move forwards through the air.

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2009-3-9If an airplane was moving down a conveyor belt, and the conveyor belt was moving at the takeoff speed of the airplane but in the opposite direction as the airplane was moving, would the airplane take off For the pourpose of this thread, we are going to assume that the airplane uses a

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The point seems to be that the conveyor belt is intended to counter the speed the plane would be going if the conveyor wasnt there. If this is the case then the plane will not take off. Ie, if the conveyor can counter the planes airspeed, then it wont take off. To put it another way 1.

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2012-8-9The videos showing the plane taking off has the conveyor sandwich between the wheels and the ground, whereas if the plane was on a conveyor that was not in contact with anything solid the plane would for example be going backward at 85mph, starting the engine would at best hold the plane

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2018-3-28A plane on a conveyor belt doesnt just stand still and then take off. It basically ignores the conveyor belt, because the planes wheels are free-spinning. It wont save any space. If you want to do that you need a catapult, which aircraft carriers have.

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Fans of Mythbusters, rejoice The Mythbusters Explosive Exhibition just opened this weekend at the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry OMSI in Portland, and its a blast.

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2017-2-8A plane is standing on runway that can move some sort of band conveyor. The plane moves in one direction, while the conveyor moves in the opposite direction. This conveyor has a control system that tracks the plane speed and tunes the speed of the conveyor to be exactly the same but in opposite direction. The question is

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The conveyor belt is not preventing the plane from doing anything. The plane will be moved forward by the engine whether it is on a conveyor belt or on solid ground. If the plane moves forward at 5 mph, the belt moves in the opposite direction at 5mph, as described in the OP.


2013-8-5OK, I read the post on Jason Kottkes site about the The case of the plane and conveyor belt, and quickly concluded that the plane cannot take off.. I was shocked, SHOCKED, to find smart people like Matt Haughey and Mike Buffington believing that the plane can take off.. Let me clear this up. For an aircraft of any type to fly, it must overcome the constant acceration downward of gravity.

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2010-7-15A plane is standing on a large treadmill or conveyor belt. The plane moves in one direction, while the conveyor moves in the opposite direction. This conveyor has a control system that tracks the plane speed and tunes the speed of the conveyor to be exactly the same but in the opposite direction. Can the plane take off

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2009-8-11This is highly controversial debate that39s still raging I think. And I39ve edited some details to make it clear of the scenario. It is reflected in bold textThe question is that can a plane take off on a conveyor belt moving at the same speed in opposite directionIn simple form - Can a plane take off while being stationary Having it39s forward rolling momentum elliminatedBoth camp ...

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2006-4-2Page 8 - Seeking answers Join the AnandTech community where nearly half-a-million members share solutions and discuss the latest tech.

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2006-11-29If the plane can take off at 200 mph, when it starts moving, the conveyor belt will move at the same speed in the other direction, but since we are assuming no material failure and minimal bearing friction, as before, the wheels will just spin faster, and the conveyor belt will still unable to keep the plane from advancing and eventually taking ...

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2008-2-8The plane will not fly. Here is the question. Imagine a plane is sat on the beginning of a massive conveyor belttravelator type arrangement, as wide and as long as a runway, and intends to take off. The conveyer belt is designed to exactly match the speed of the wheels at any given...