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Shake Table Testing

Development, Shake Table Testing, and Design of FRP ...

Development, Shake Table Testing, and Design of FRP Seismic Restrainers M. Saiid Saiidi , F.ASCE Rita Johnson and E. Manos Maragakis , M.ASCE Full text

Shake Table | Seismic Testing | OSHPD Certification ...

2020-3-26The implementation of Shake Table testing is growing in response to the requirements set forth by legislation in ASCESEI 7-10 Section 13.2, Acceptance Criteria AC 156, the 2013 California Building Code Section 1708A, and Code Application Notices CAN 2-1708A.5 and 2-1613A.1, as referenced in the paragraph below.

Large-Scale Shake Table Testing - NHERI

2018-12-4Shake Table Training Workshop 2015 San Diego, CA NHERI UCSD Workshop, 14-15 December, 2015 44 Pros and Cons of Shake Table Experiments The NHERIUC San Diego shake table is also ideal for testing large or full-scale, providing that

Shake table test and its application | Request PDF

Shake table testing of high-rise buildings has also increased Li et al., 2006 Ko and Lee, 2006Lu et al., 2007aLu et al., , 2007b Lu et al., , 2008a Lu et al., , 2008bZhou et al., 2009 Zhou and ...

Shake Table Test of Pile Supported Bridge Under Scour ...

Shake Table Test of Pile Supported Bridge Under Scour Condition SHANG Yu 1 YE Ai-jun 1 WANG Xiao-wei 1 ... 15 WANG X, YE A, HE Z, et al. Quasi-static Cyclic Testing of Elevated RC Pile-cap Foundation for Bridge Structures J. ASCE Journal of Bridge ...

Large Scale Liquefaction-Induced Lateral Spreading

Specifically, testing using 2 different shake tables is discussed, one being the largest outdoor shake table in the world. The testing models were densely instrumented with top of the line sensor ...

E-Defense, Worlds Largest Earthquake Seismic

E-Defense is the worlds largest shake table. In July 2009, Simpson Strong-Tie in collaboration with researchers from Colorado State University conducted a 7.5 magnitude test on a seven-story wood-framed condominium tower the largest seismic test ever.


2020-5-20shake table testing to date thus in this dissertation, appropriate methods of address-ing the boundary conditions between experimental and computational substructures are presented and evaluated. Also, a novel strategy for acceleration control of shake

Shaker Tables for Vibration Testing and Calibration |

2075E Vibration Shaker The most versatile option for shaker table testing. This compact, portable shaker can produce up to 75 lbf, making it suitable for a wide range of applications. The 2075E provides a 3.25 in diameter platform table with 5 10-32 inserts, making it easy to attach test objects. ...

Design, Scaling, Similitude, and Modeling of

2010-9-28Advantages of Shake Table Tests Over Other Testing MethodsOther Testing Methods More realistic consideration of dynamic effects inertia forces damping forces no need t tt h l di d i th t i fld to attach loading devices that may influence the structural performance Best more direct way to simulate earthquake


2016-1-1shake-table testing of a half scaled two-storey single-bay concrete frame building with jointed ductile connections, non-tearing articulated floor systems, low-damage drywall infills and low-damage faade connections. The dynamic testing will also investigate how each system contributes to the damping of the global structure.

Shake Table Testing | Smart Structures

Shake Table Testing. Algorithm Development. Conventional shake tables employ linear controllers such as proportional-integral-derivative PID or loop shaping to regulate the movement. However, it is difficult to tune a linear controller to achieve accurate and robust tracking of different reference signals under payloads. The challenges are ...

Shake Vibration Tables - TestResources, Inc

2020-6-173 Axis Earthquake Shake Table Simulator 3-axes, 6-degrees-of-freedom shake tables are state-of-the-art solutions for seismic simulation, soil liquefaction and vibration tests on building models as well as for engineering qualification of equipment or its components and assemblies for earthquake and vibration resistance.

MDOF Hybrid Shake Table Testing of Response

2020-5-14PEER Shake Table Facility 20 ft x 20 ft table size Still the largest 6 DOF shake table in the US Can test structures, weighing 100,000 lbs, to horizontal accelerations of 1.5 g - 5 in. horizontal displacement capacity - 2 in. vertical displacement capacity - 40 in.sec velocity capacity . 23

Vibration Dynamics Testing | National Technical Systems

NTS Vibration Testing Capabilities. NTS is capable of generating up to 70,000 force pounds with tandem shakers and up to 45,000 force pounds on a single shaker. NTS has performed vibration testing in excess of 200 GRMS in a single band and can hook up in excess of 100 data channels.

Earthquake Simulator Laboratory | Pacific Earthquake ...

2020-6-17Shake Table . The signature piece of testing equipment at the PEER-UC Berkeley Lab is the six degree-of-freedom Shaking Table, the largest in the United States, and one of the largest in the world. The PEER-UC Berkeley Lab also houses a Large Scale Structures Lab consisting of a 20 x 60 strong floor with an integrated, reconfigurable, modular ...

PAPER OPEN ACCESS Seismic Behaviour of Strap-Braced

Shake-table testing Two reduced scale mock-ups figure 1 tested on the shake-table which representative of three-story and two bay systems, in which each storey was composed of three CFS strap-braced stud walls placed in one direction only. The two tested mock-ups differed with each other with respect to the floor

Seismic qualification and time history shake-table

2019-11-26Seismic qualification by time-history testing can be divided into two steps namely, 1 Resonant frequency test Free vibration test, and 2 Time history shake-table testing. The resonant frequency search test is for determining the resonant frequencies and damping of equipment.

Scale Model Shake Table Testing of Seismic Earth

2018-11-16The main testing equipment is a flexible wall barrel that mimics free field site response under seismic loading on the shake table. The flexible wall barrel has been validated through table testing and 1-D equivalent linear numerical analysis in a recently completed research project Crosariol, 2010 Moss et al., 2010.

Hybrid Shake Table Testing Overview, Theory, and

2018-7-6Hybrid Shake Table Testing Overview, Theory, and Application Andreas Schellenberg, Ph.D., P.E. Senior Structural Engineer, Maffei Structural Engineering MTSPEER Expert Seminar Hybrid Simulation Technologies Methods for Civil Engineering, UC Berkeley, 320-3212018

Seismic Response of a Tunnel Embedded in

To investigate the seismic response of large-scale tunnel in compacted clay and effect of shock absorbing layer to the tunnel, a series of three dimensional 3D shaking table model tests were carried out. The similarity ratio of the model is 1 8 and the size of the model container is 9.3 m length 3.7 m width xd7 2.5x2009m height.

Vibration Testing Table, Shaker Table | VIBSOURCE ...

VIBSOURCE offers a wide range of vibration testing table and vibration shaker table for shaker table vibration testing. We were established in 1995 and have years of vibration table testing equipment manufacturing experience. Contact us now

Shake Table Testing to Quantify Seismic Soil Structure ...

2019-5-31shake table testing. The Parsons Earthquake Lab at Cal Poly has a 1D shake table with a 9000 kg payload capacity. Under the maximum payload the table can accelerate up to 1g, has a maximum velocity of 97 cmsec, a maximum peak to peak displacement of 25 cm, and operates in the frequency range of 0.1 to 50 Hz.

Hybrid Shake Table for the Testing of Midlevel Seismic ...

2017-1-30hybrid testing, shake table, friction pendulum, isolation, midlevel isolation. 2 1 INTRODUCTION In many countries, seismic isolation technology is increasingly being used to improve the performance of buildings and bridges and avoid significant structural damage by concentrating