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This Is Sand

Law of the Peoples Republic of China on Desert Prevention ...

2001-8-31Before felling trees in the anti-wind and sand-fixation forest nets and forest zones for fostering and renewing, succeeding forest nets and forest zones must be formed near them. No felling shall be approved on the anti-wind and sand fixation forest nets and forest zones at the places where it is difficult to renew forests.

Workers maintain sand sculptures in Beidaihe New District ...

2020-5-7Workers maintain sand sculptures at the sand sulpture world in Beidaihe New District to prepare for its opening in Qinhuangdao City, north Chinas Hebei Province, May 6, 2020. XinhuaYang Shiyao Aerial photo taken on May 6, 2020 shows workers

Tibet mandala The world in a grain of sand

2016-11-30An artist creates a sand mandala at a gallery in Lhasa City, the capital of Southwest Chinas Tibet Autonomous Region, Oct. 24, 2016. Mandala, an exquisite religious art of Tibetan Buddhism, has been well preserved since it was first introduced to Tibet from India.

Sand Stoppers of the Ulan Buh Desert - China Today

2019-12-2Sand control is a dry subject, but this plant brings it to life, quips general manager Wei Jun. We provide seeds for free, and train farmers in our planting base. They can master the technology in an hour, he continues. We sign contracts with farmers to collect their output at the market price.

Chongqing opens direct flight to Koh Samui with journey of ...

2015-12-28With white sand and clear water everywhere, its scenery is quite charming. The tickets for the Chongqing Koh Samui direct flight will start to be sold at the beginning of 2016. Translated by Tang Zhiqiang, Fathom Language Limited

BB-5 - huanqiu.com

2020-6-9 BB-5 1896630 1898324 1900510 195589 10000-50000 553 125 ...

Customers shop at duty-free shops in Haikou1

2 Customers shop at a duty-free shop in Haikou, capital of south Chinas Hainan Province, July 12, 2020. Starting July 1, Hainan has increased its annual tax-free shopping quota from 30,000 yuan 4,261 U.S. dollars to 100,000 yuan per person each year.

2019 GITEX SandStar ...

2019-10-212019106-10GITEX 2019 SandStarEtisalat ...


The height of the southern areas along the Yangtze River is 2-5 meters, the height of the middle high sand areas is 5-7 meters, and the height of the northern river areas is 1.5-5 meters. The whole area of the city is 5,790 square meters, including 82.74 land and 17.26 water.

Sand mandala creation debuts in Tianjin

2016-11-30A Tibetan Buddhist monk makes a mandala with sand during a show of intangible cultural heritage from Regong art of Qinghai province in North Chinas Tianjin municipality, May 30, 2015. The creation of a sand mandala follows strict rules of proportion, structure, and content.

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2017-2-20Before she sleeps in the sand How many times must the cannon balls fly Before theyre forever banned The answer, my ...

Across China Afforestation drive changing China landscape ...

2019-3-22The city of Yanan on the Loess Plateau, where 258 million tonnes of mud and sand were once washed into the Yellow River each year, has also seen its landscape improve greatly. Since 1999, local government has returned 718,000 hectares of farmland to forests, increasing the local vegetation coverage rate from 46 percent in 2000 to 81 percent in 2017.

Falling in love, Taiwan-style

2017-12-20Lovers Bay and the Glass Sand Beach are two scenic marvels that are great for a short walk but less so for swimming. The secluded view from Lovers Bay is unforgettable. For overnight stays in the area, I recommend splurging on a beachfront reservation.